• Use talc powder to coat the inside of the garment. This will help slipping through the garment. Once you are in, you can polish the piece if you want your latex to shine.

  • To polish, use a cleaning cloth and rub specific latex polisher on the piece (you can purchase a small 100ml bottle of latex polisher from our shop, for bigger quantity check Begloss, Vivishine, Perfect Shine, Radical rubber…). 

Fig 1.


Hand wash only.

Make sure you wash your pieces after every wear

Latex stains and it is important to remove sweat and potential contact with make up, perfume or oil after wearing.

  1. Let garment soak in a tub full of warm water with a small amount of dish washing or neutral soap . Rinse it in clear water.

  2. Dry with a towel and hang garment to dry, this can take one or two days. 

  3. Once the garment is completely dry, inside and out, it is time to store it. You then have two options:

    1. powder the inside and outside with talc powder , it will prevent the latex from sticking to itself. 

    2. If you plan on wearing the piece soon you can also polish it directly. It won’t stick to itself and will be will be ready for your next latex moment. 

Fig 2.


Store garment on a plastic, rubber or wooden hanger in a dark plastic or garment bag in a cool, shaded, dry place.

You can also store them in a drawer in a plastic sealable bag but try to keep the piece as flat as possible or it will crease.

Be careful, don’t store your pieces in direct sunlight, avoid contact with light and sunlight this would damage and stain the latex. 

Some colours tends to stain, make sure you keep lighter colours and translucent latex away from brighter colours. 

Fig 3.


To avoid stains and damages

DO NOT use oil based lubricants or any other oils. Make sure you are using specific latex polisher or silicone based lubricant.

DO NOT machine wash, do not tumble dry, do not iron. 

AVOID sharp objects, such as long nails and jewellery .

Take off' all jewellery when putting on or taking off your garment. AVOID nicotine, perfume , body sprays, and oils.

AVOID contact with metals, copper, brass or bronze.

AVOID direct sunlight and UV rays.

Fig 4.


How to take care of pieces which combines latex and crochet/knitwear together? 

Gently hand wash the latex and knitted/crocheted parts all together. The same rules apply. Simply follow our clean and store guide above.

However, AVOID putting latex polisher and talc powder on the knitted/crocheted part. It would not be too dramatic but it could stain depending on the colour and the type of yarn.

Crochet is made by hand and cannot be created by a machine. It is a very slow process. Please take good care of your pieces.


Latex lace

Latex lace is resistant, stretchy and very comfortable. It gives a nice support and is highly breathable.
However, as any other lace, latex lace is fragile and requires the wearer to be cautious. Be careful to not get caught or hooked to avoid damage.

These rules might feel a bit overwhelming at first but once you get used to it, it is actually very easy. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any question on how to take best care of your pieces. 



You will receive your pieces powdered with talc in a sealable plastic bag. To remove the talc and obtain a shiny effect you just have to polish your pieces (read bellow). 
Made to order pieces will be shipped within four to eight weeks.

Ready to ship pieces will be sent within four working days.

Feel free to contact me if you have specific deadlines.

Shipping worldwide.

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Uk - 1 to 2 working days / £5.50

Europe - 3 to 5 working days / £10.50

Rest of the world - 6 to 7 working days / £17


Exchange policy

Exchange are accepted within 14 days for unworn items. I am unfortunately unable to proceed refunds.

Exchange only.

Exchange are not accepted for bodies and panties due to hygienic reasons. 

Exchange are not accepted for stained items. 

If you need to make a return or exchange, please contact [email protected]. I will be in touch with you shortly.

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