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Monique Fei is a glamorous spinster. She likes endless night of knitting. Monique has a knit fetish and she often fantasied being covered with yarns. Her textiles are above all a playful experimentation. 

It is while living in Shanghai, China, that she discovered what will then become her ultimate craft : crochet. Shanghai was a highly inspiring journey where she met a community of Ayis- elder active, independent and powerful women - who transmitted her a passion for yarns, stitches and especially crochet.

Her theoretical background - she graduated from a dual bachelor degree in Art History and Law in 2016 - also has a strong impact on her practice. History and stories are essential to Monique. She is creating her own narratives. She transforms traditional shapes and techniques to create pieces that interrogate their own material and making process. Through very strenuous and time consuming handmade techniques Monique lets time take its course to slowly hand craft one-of-a-kind pieces. 

She graduated in 2022 from a Bachelor in Textile Design specialised in Knitwear at Central Saint Martins. She has been working with latex for over 7 years and received a precious latex training from Lupae which allowed her to give birth to her latex and crochet dream babies.

About work and materials

Natural latex made from pure natural latex and free from silicone and other additives.

Yarns collected from various places. Mixing dead-stock and new. I collect small amount of yarns from a walk in the city, a browse on the internet, a meeting with another yarn lover. For this reason, all pieces are unique and shows variations from one to another.

Everything is hand-made to order by myself in London.


For general information, order inquiries and custom requests please contact [email protected]

Find me on Instagram @moniquefei


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Dress up dolls, product pictures and key support by Chisom Ibe.

Thank you to my sexy dolls - Ines Michelotto, Judith Klempner, Maurice Andresen, Sibylle Andresen and Chisom Ibe.

Make up by Tina Khatri.

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